Tang Ying Mui ,Grace

The secret of time (2018)



In recent times, scientists and technology can explore more in depth of what time is.
But we are still not arriving at the true nature of time:
Is time linear or circular?
Is there a point where time can provide a space to jump from one space to another? Can time be stretched ?
What is it like to be inside a dark hole?
All these numerous questions will be explored bit by bit in the future and we will know more and more.

What is showing in this piece of work is not trying to answer any questions about time, it is just throwing out a mystery: a relationship of time, human and our environment (represented by animals and objects).

The four female figures are pointing to East, South, West, North. In the North of Hong Kong is China, where lots of goods are being made. The four female figures represent a compass. The boxes in the middle are like stream of goods cutting through the fragile mountains.