Tang Ying Mui ,Grace

76 minutes of true/untrue (the total time of the lines drawn in all these works) (2018)



The time in my mind was recorded by the marks made by pencil, the time recorded by a timer was made by the marks of markers.

Through the two different marks, maybe we can see how the time in our mind is so true/untrue. I put the two marks of time together with the news from newspaper, which I also blacken with pencil, we can relate that the news can also be true/untrue. When I place them alongside each other, I do not know what feeling can be brought to the audience.

I also hope the audience can stand in front of each work for the length of minutes displayed on the canvas. Say the canvas shows 2 minutes, the audience can stand in front of it for 2 minutes ( the 2 minutes of the audience' imagined time).