Tang Ying Mui ,Grace

Small Objects 2014 at Front/Side gallery

I was invited by Front/Side gallery to exhibit with another artist in 2014. Front/Side is famous for its smallness, less than 45 cu. ft. I am working on small objects at the moment, so I have decided to show  these small objects there.
The materials for these small objects are: pieces of cloth, artificial gems, toys animals, rubber tube, wire, wood board.
I am thinking of the relationship of animals and human beings and so two types of works appear. They are all like jewelry making , one is similar to some kind of necklace or brooch, the other is like gems embedding to become some kind of a plaque.
The anatomy of a man series feature the desire human beings to decorate themselves, a fact that has been going on for years.
The animals and gems embedded series specifies the relationships of human beings with animals.
Titles like: Dolly the sheep, Donkey from Au Hasard Balthazar, Dick Lai’s pig, Timeo Walter’s cow, Christian the lion, Richard Parker – The tiger from the story of Pi.

Some are famous animals existed in real life, some are in movies and one was a favorite toy of a child and another one refers to a pork used for an artist.


The anatomy of a man(1)

The anatomy of a man(2)

The anatomy of a man(4)

The anatomy of a man(3)




Dolly the sheep

Christian the lion


Donkey from Au Hasard Balthazar


Richard Parker – The tiger from the story of Pi